Margarita micellar water with rowanberry extract and biocollagen

Today I will review Margarita micellar water with rowanberry  extract and biocollagen. This is used to remove  the make-up and for skin rejuvenation. First off all the packaging- a green bottle with a  cap. The bottle has capacity of 200ml. The bottle is sturdy, although it has fallen a few times, it did not broke or spill, so it is sturdy and suitable for travel. Consistency as a water and a slight odor that disappears immediately, the odor is peculiar and hard to describe. Make-up is removed easily and well, the skin is refreshed and clean after using it. There was no unpleasant sensation, no tension feel while using it. It does its job perfectly, so I really recommend it, but for those who are use full face of makeup, this product  might run out quite fast . To clean my eye makeup, I need at least 3 cotton wool disks. Summarizing, I can say that the product does what it should.


Šiandien aš noriu jums papasakoti apie Margarita micelinį vandenį su šermukšnių ekstraktu ir biokolagenu. Ši priemonė skirta makiažo nuvalymui, odos atgaivinimui. Pirmiausia pakuotė- žalsvas buteliukas su atkemšamu dangteliu, kurio


7th heaven tea tree peel off mask

Lately I've no desire to write and its getting harder to create something so I decide to write when I want it. Today, I review peeling face mask that  reduces pores and revitalizes the skin. The mask package is charming and playful. When you open the package, you will feel a refreshing smell  and the consistency is gel like, sticky and light green color. After the mask is applied, you need to wait. While waiting I felt refreshing smell and cooling effect. When peeling it does not hurt and it peels off really easily.  After the face mask skin becomes soft, have more elasticity and pores become less visible. Overall  the effect of the mask surprised. It peeled off easily and without pain, also it does not remove clogged pores just make them smaller and less noticeable. 


Pastaruoju metu nebetutiu įkvėpimo ir rasyti darosi sunkiau todėl rašau tada kai norisi. Šiandien apžvelgsiu nulupamą veido kaukę,  kuri turi sumažinti poras ir


rolanjona feet mask

Hello everybody, I want to share my first impressions of testing the feet mask, which helps to get rid of the hard skin. That's why I ordered it from eBay. It traveled about 30-35 days (somewhat late delivery). I was looking forward to trying it out but the testing delayed to the lack of free time. It is impossible to understand the description of a mask, because everything is in another language (as you can see there is no English translation). Therefore, it was necessary to look for it on the Internet, where it is indicated that, at least 10 minutes before using the mask, immerse the feet in warm water, after that you need to leave the feet mask for 90-120 minutes (that's a lot of time which surprised me), and after the mask you need to rinse with warm water your feet and the skin should peel off in 1-2 weeks period of time. It's a package like most masks, after opening there is a pleasant scent that I really did not expect. The foot mask looks like an extra large pair of socks with no elasticity. The package contains one pair of such socks. In the long waiting time, it did not feel anything unpleasant however it felt like it took ages. After use,feet seemed soft. A week later, the legs did not start to peel off, but the heel skin where there were tougher skin the hardening became softer, so I decided to soak my feet and scrub them. After this step, it took a few more days, but there was no peeling off of the skin. Overall it disappointed me because it did not work as I wanted to, but it softened the hard feet skin which made it easier to scrub it of.


visi, noriu su jumis pasidalinti saco pirmaisiais įspūdžiais išbandant kojų kaukę, kuri padeda negyvai odai nusilupti. Tai gi savąją užsisakiau iš ebay. Keliavo ji apie 30-35 dienas